Innovative quarterly architectural magazine JA (now rebranded with a focus on urbanism to ja+u (Japan Architecture + Urbanism) explores movements and conversation in Japanese architecture.
JA’s website describes the periodical:
“JA – the Japan Architect – was first published in June 1956 and was the only English language periodical that introduced Japanese architecture to an overseas audience. Since 1991 it has been published as a quarterly journal in both Japanese and English, expanding its readership both inside and outside of Japan. Today’s JA showcases contemporary Japanese architecture with in-depth commentary on the theoretical history and context of the projects. It is organized with an emphasis on developments originating in Japan. The magazine surveys the country’s diverse, ever-changing architectural scene, identifies important trends to convey to a wider audience outside Japan, takes up current, compelling issues and considers the latest architectural trends”
JA and its sister partners (a+u, Shinkenchiku, Jutakutokushu) place an importance on the dialogue created between reader and content. Published in English alongside Japanese (both languages are seen across the same spreads), JA directly distributes detailed ideas of Japanese urbanism to its residents and to the rest of the world. In its acknowledgement of its wide-spread readership and the dialogue its translation creates, JA also gathers and presents high-quality works from around the world in their publication. Beneath the surface of academia and information, there is conversation and collaboration.



A 2013 spread by Kazuyo Sejima & Associates, entitled ‘New Approaches to Apartment Living in Japan’, is an example of JA’s commitment to distributing information through creative visions of Japan’s urban, contemporary architecture of living spaces. It can be seen in photographs below.

okurayama apartment





one roof apartment



shakujii apartment





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