18 years on and Cameron Crowe’s coming-of-age drama/comedy Almost Famous (2000) still deserves celebration (here, in the form of behind the scenes pictures, as shared by Crowe himself on twitter). Although these photos originally surfaced in 2015, they are still striking for their refusal to extract the viewer out of the universe of the film from which they are derived. These behind the scenes photos don’t feel ‘behind’ the fiction at all, but in the foreground of the era the film so unflinchingly devotes itself to. They are artefacts of the fiction they explore inasmuch as the actual film, almost like a B-side of the story, an alternative yet coherent view to what is written for the screen. In their encapsulation of the nearly 3-hour long film’s warmth and personality and the 1970s, these photos are endearing in their contribution to the culture of Almost Famous (2000), a masterpiece whose status as ‘cult classic’ is unlikely to cease.



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