Wasteland is an online landscape of culture and arts with a focus on analysing film. We are dedicated to assessing films with cultural reverence in particular, assessing the tensions between their aesthetics and their subject matter from a variety of critical perspectives.

Our namesake is T.S Eliot’s seminal poem The Waste Land, noted as one of the most important pieces modernist fiction, if not all of 20th-century literature. It exhibits enervating depictions of the human condition and disenfranchisement; it articulates an experience of crisis that continually and unrelentingly reflects the tonality and aesthetics of modern existence.

Wasteland is a journal that celebrates and focuses on art’s dynamic, interactive status, wherein through the act of critique and analysis we begin to create a framework by which to navigate our cultural consciousness and all its complexities with a point of reference.

Art does not exist in a vacuum, it’s dynamic and dialogic and owed exploration, response, and reaction.

Wasteland is, in its entirety and simplification, a continual love letter to literature and film.