Waste Land is an online landscape of culture and arts with a focus on reviewing literature and film in particular. We are dedicated to thinking more broadly about literature and film and the environments from which they are produced.

T.S Eliot’s seminal poem The Waste Land is our inspiration and namesake. As one of the most important pieces of 20th-century literature, it is an epic of the human condition and of disenfranchisement. Binding these ideas together, we are pulled towards a particular mode of thinking: an expression of crisis, and more broadly, of intense feeling, and how our emotions are so routinely governed by and reflected in art.

Waste Land is a journal that celebrates and focuses on art’s dynamic, interactive status, wherein through the act of review, essay and discussion we begin to navigate our cultural consciousness with a point of reference.

Art does not exist in a vacuum, it’s dialogic and owed exploration, response, and reaction.

Waste Land is, in both its entirety and simplification, a continual love letter to literature and film.