notes on maniac (2018)

[spoilers] retrofuturism and mental illness Cary Fukunaga's Maniac (2018) is a visual journey that takes us along multiple planes of expedition. Leading separate lives in the same retro-futuristic universe, Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill) are involved in the latter stages of a pharmaceutical trial for a drug that strives to rid… Continue reading notes on maniac (2018)

saved! (2004): satirising 00s fashion

Saved! (2004) is a criminally underrated translation of high school experience, friendship and faith and the fabric that weaves them all together. Although it is surprisingly unknown, at least in relation to the fame and popularity of some of its lead actors (Jena Malone, Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit), it withholds its status as a cult… Continue reading saved! (2004): satirising 00s fashion

language we wear: our controlled displays of identity

        It would be imposing and reductive to suggest identity is a word with a constant definition, one that is the same in every situation for every person. So for this article, I will focus on the identity game of reading books/wearing slogan t-shirts in public and what this can reveal about… Continue reading language we wear: our controlled displays of identity

demystifying james joyce’s ulysses

James Joyce's modernist epic follows Leopold Bloom around public and private spaces of Dublin over the course of one day; as he eats, drinks, wanders, masturbates, watches and interacts with others. It was published in full during 1922, the same year that the poem that sought to define 20th-century anxiety (T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land)… Continue reading demystifying james joyce’s ulysses

‘high school’ films: a modern renaissance

In his MTV interview at Toronto International Film Festival 2018, Timothée Chalamet speaks to Josh Horowitz about his experiences filming Beautiful Boy (2018) and what it means to be a young actor today. It can be seen here. He says, "What was amazing last year was that I felt like audiences are yearning, thirsty for films… Continue reading ‘high school’ films: a modern renaissance

john berger and susan sontag on story-telling

In their 1983 Talk to Me (which can be seen here), artist and art critic John Berger and writer, philosopher, essayist and filmmaker Susan Sontag deliberate each other's, and articulate their own, versions and definitions of the art of story-telling. Sontag claims that at the 'very centre of the whole enterprise of story-telling there is the… Continue reading john berger and susan sontag on story-telling

navigating joan didion’s sense of nothingness and nihilism in 2018

"I had...a technical write a novel so elliptical and fast that it would be over before you noticed it, a novel so fast that it would scarcely exist on the page at all"  — Didion Joan Didion's beautiful and unnerving 'Play It As It Lays' (1970) speaks to raw and intimate dialogues of existence. 48 years… Continue reading navigating joan didion’s sense of nothingness and nihilism in 2018