thelma & louise (1991): redemptive violence, femininity and queering masculine space

[contains spoilers, content warning: rape, sexual violence] This essay weaves together some of the cinematic elements that animate romance, dark comedy, redemptive violence, absurdity, feminism and queer space - tethering them to the centre of the compelling cinematic universe of Thelma & Louise (1991). Callie Khouri's screenplay "I don't remember ever feeling this awake" In writing Thelma… Continue reading thelma & louise (1991): redemptive violence, femininity and queering masculine space

rosemary’s baby (1968): a nightmare of the body

[spoilers and content warning: rape, themes of complications in pregnancy]   Rosemary's Baby (1968) fools us into believing that we are now, fifty years after its production, at a safe distance from its terror. We see a typical young, married couple move into a New York apartment building, into an apartment met with rumours of… Continue reading rosemary’s baby (1968): a nightmare of the body

art and the everyday

If money were not object, my nursery would have been fitted with William Morris wallpaper. Strawberry Thief may have been chosen, or perhaps Seaweed or Honeysuckle. I'm sure their scrolling foliage and patterns of blossoming flowers, fruits and wildlife would have fascinated any young child. However, despite these designs not adorning my childhood walls, I… Continue reading art and the everyday

notes on maniac (2018)

[spoilers] retrofuturism and mental illness Cary Fukunaga's Maniac (2018) is a visual journey that takes us along multiple planes of expedition. Leading separate lives in the same retro-futuristic universe, Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill) are involved in the latter stages of a pharmaceutical trial for a drug that strives to rid… Continue reading notes on maniac (2018)

language we wear: our controlled displays of identity

      Identity is too complex an idea to try and deconstruct and provide an explanation for. It would be imposing and reductive to suggest identity is a word with a constant definition, one that is the same in every situation for every person. So for this article, I will focus on the identity… Continue reading language we wear: our controlled displays of identity

‘high school’ films: a modern renaissance

In his MTV interview at Toronto International Film Festival 2018, Timothée Chalamet speaks to Josh Horowitz about his experiences filming Beautiful Boy (2018) and what it means to be a young actor today. It can be seen here. He says, "What was amazing last year was that I felt like audiences are yearning, thirsty for films… Continue reading ‘high school’ films: a modern renaissance

hereditary (2018) and its deleted scenes: notes on grief

Some of Hereditary's deleted scenes have recently been circulated and can be seen here. [spoilers] For a film that deals with as much spiritual and visual horror as it does, Hereditary's dissection of grief isn't overshadowed but enforced. Horror seldom realistically presents grief. Considering how dominantly and graphically it portrays death, it's surprising that something that… Continue reading hereditary (2018) and its deleted scenes: notes on grief